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There are several things that bother me in children's fashion. Before I was even a mom, I wondered why all the sweaters had big script too often stereotyped; "LE GRAND AVENTURIER" vs "PRINCESS FOR LIFE", or clothes that are often too short (Why are children's sweaters so short? You can always see the belly!) And too tight. There is something for everyone, but there is no denying comfort!

Made of bamboo (64%), cotton (28%) and elastane (8%). I will not repeat all the properties associated with our bamboo fabrics, but above all note that they are certified organic, as good for us as for the planet! That being said, we have worked on a much longer cut. In addition, the rounded shape of the sweater as well as the slits on each side of the hips offer children all the range of motion they want, without having a sweater that gets up on the belly!

This season, we have reviewed the look of our sweaters, without buttons, more "sleek".

It will take you one of each color! :)

Oh! You should know that whatever your choice of color, your sweaters will go perfectly with ALL your Little Yogi clothes! :)

Little Yogi size chart
Bottom - Width (size) X Length in cm
Cut NB 0-6m 6-12m 1-3T 3-5T
Harem 16 X 30 20 X 42 22 X 53 24 X 60 26 X 68
Desert pants X 19 X 33 20 X 40.5 21.5 X 47 22.5 X 61
Shorts X 20 X 30.5 21.5 X 34 23 X 38 24 X 41
One-piece - Width (size) X Length in cm
Cut 0-6m 6-12m 1-3T 3-5T
Break 24.5 X 47 24.5 X 53 29.5 X 60 34.5 X 70
Cut 0-6m 6-12m 12-24m 3T
Desert overalls 19 X 38 20 X 44.5 21.5 X 56 24 X 66
Desert Romper 51 X 42 58.5 X 47 66 X 52 X


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