Green market grocery store



Like at the market! What a lovely grocery store with its fresh colors and fruit and vegetable decor! With its many accessories, it is perfect for apprentice merchants! The Green Market merchant is equipped with a clock, a slate board to place the additions or note the opening hours, a box of chalks, six boxes of cardboard food (flour, rice, juice of 'orange, cocoa, dough and cheese), a cash register and a scale. In the small lockers children can place the following fruits and vegetables: three apples, three bananas, three strawberries, three carrots, three radishes and three potatoes. On the front of each locker a small slate section will also allow you to enter the price of each item. For the little ones, a step allows you to be at the right height. To shop like adults, three paper shopping bags with the name of the little shop are included! To complete these accessories, children will of course have coins and tickets to settle the bill. In total, there are 32 accessories included in this wooden grocery store!

Product Info

Dimensions 43 x 30 x 93 cm
Material Wood, paper, cardboard
Type of packaging Nice illustrated box with a handle for easy transport


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