Baby sling-Ring Sling-Dogwood rings pink gold

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A parent on the go? Do you want to keep your baby close but hands free? Are you looking for a way to comfortably take your baby on an adventure? Our ring slings have been designed for you! Made from 100% pre-washed eco-friendly linen, these slings are strong and easy to use. They can be adjusted for most adult body types and can hold babies from 8 lbs to 35 lbs.

Our slings have beautiful rose gold rings matching our forest-inspired colors. With two pockets, a large outside pocket and a smaller one inside, there is room for all the extra items parents need, such as cell phones and pacifiers!

Size: 80 inches long

Safety tips

- Babies under 4 months of age can suffocate in this product if the face is pressed against the parent's body. Check often to make sure the baby's face and airways are exposed, clearly visible, and away from the caregiver's body at all times

- Never use a scarf with babies under 8 pounds without asking the advice of a health professional

Care instructions

- Machine wash cold, hang to dry or tumble dry at low temperature, iron medium

- Do not use bleach


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