Sleeper-NODO Lennon

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OVer's hat and nodo dresses are a must-have for baby that is both elegant and practical. The cutest Canadian outfit to come, photo shoot outfit or baby gift, the nodo collection is at the top of all moms' lists! Ethically made in London, ON Canada from our high quality natural cotton blend material, the hats and dresses from the nodo collection are buttery soft, breathable and perfectly stretchable. Diaper changes late at night are easy with the quick-tie bottom, keeping baby warm on top. The turtleneck top makes it easy to dress baby's feet, keeping baby's sensitive head safe. The practical folding cuffs keep little hands warm and protect baby from scratches. Adorable when paired with their coordinating nodo hats, buttery blankets or OVer covers!

NB size (up to approximately 10 lbs)

3M (up to approximately 14 lbs)

Purchase options include a set (hat and nodo dress) at a reduced price, or purchased separately as a hat or dress.


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